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STEVEN P. BELISLE has been one of the associates of Belisle & Associates for more than 15 years. For last several years, Steve assumed the role of primary trainer and consultant for our company. The administrative office responsibilities remained with Belinda and Bill Belisle. However, Steve has also been the owner of S. BELISLE & ASSOCIATES for more than 10 years.

Beginning early in 2019, a transition of all business responsibilities to S. BELISLE & ASSOCIATES from Belisle & Associates is occurring.

Does this transition affect your organization? It really doesn't. This is an internal change for the Belisle companies with no change in day-to-day training operations. S. BELISLE & ASSOCIATES will now provide all services for future programs.

Business contact information, such as the PO Box 5252 mail address and the (562) telephone number, remain the same. Steve's direct email address remains unchanged at scbelisle@earthlink.net. His direct cell number remains unchanged at (714) 417-7037. Some company detail information does change, and that will be provided for our new and continuing clients.

Both Belinda and Bill are excited about the new changes, as well as the continuation of training services which have gained us a reputation for providing quality programs and services. If you have any questions, contact us.