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Initial Assessment

Belisle & Associates uses a three-part assessment system to determine the business writing skills the participants currently possess.

The first step is the completion of two standardized tests. One is at a basic level; the other more comprehensive. They test punctuation, capitalization, number style, abbreviations, plurals and possessive forms, spelling, compound words, word division, and grammar and usage.

The second and third parts involve analyzing the participants’ own writing. In the second part, we ask the participants to submit three to five job-related documents they have created. In the third part, participants create an "out-of-class" writing application dealing with a hypothetical situation. We evaluate all documents looking for the mechanics of good business writing, as well as the basics of grammar and punctuation.

Work Schedule

For each participant, based on our observations in the initial assessments, Belisle & Associates develops a proposed work schedule detailing specific areas needing improvement. We customize this agenda—listing each session’s topic and overview, length in hours, learning outcomes, pre-meeting assignment, and follow-up activity.

The proposed work schedules identify the approach Belisle & Associates recommends, stressing maximum content in the shortest amount of time.